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Eltham Myotherapy Clinic – Melbourne

Myotherapists assess and treat muscle pain, injury and dysfunction affecting movement and mobility. Myotherapy can be useful preventatively or to rehabilitate injury or dysfunctions including tightness, tension, spasm, inefficient movement or poor posture. It can also be useful to help with the management of symptoms caused by arthritis and other joint problems, spinal injuries and the effects of stress from everyday life.

We are specialists in the assessment, treatment and management of muscular conditions that cause pain and affect movement.

  • Muscle pain

    Muscle pain

  • Injury


  • Tension


  • dysfunction


  • Headache


  • Muscle tightness

    Muscle tightness

Our Staff

  • staff

    Dr Karen Lucas

    B.Ap Sci.(HumanMovement) (Hons.) Ad.Dip.(Myotherapy) PhD (Myofascial pain)

    Karen began Eltham Myotherapy in 1995. She is the first myotherapist to complete a PhD. Her doctoral studies focused on the effects of myofascial trigger points (contraction knots in the muscles). She regularly lectures to myotherapists and other health care professionals. She is particularly interested in the effects of stress on the body and can teach you techniques to help calm the central nervous system and reduce the physical effects of stress. She is currently completely a Masters in the Science of Medicine (Pain Management) from the School of Medicine at Sydney University and is a member of the International Myopain Society, an international multidisciplinary society that researches and treats muscle pain and fibromyalgia.

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    Lani Guskich

    Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer Ad. Dip. Remedial Massage (Myotherapy)

    Lani is currently on maternity leave but has been practicing at Eltham Myotherapy since 2010, combining her Myotherapy with general health, fitness and exercise interventions. She is experienced with women’s health, pregnancy, postural pain and exercise correction. Lani is enthusiastic about providing clients with educational tools to maximise their recovery, getting them back doing the things they

  • staff

    Kate Sidebottom

    Remedial Massage Therapist Ad. Dip. (Myotherapy)

    Kate has been practicing as a Remedial Massage Therapist while studying to become a Myotherapist. She joined our team in November 2015 as a very experienced new graduate of Myotherapy. Kate plans to combine her practice at Eltham Myotherapy Clinic with her work at the Eltham Football club. Kate is a local and enjoys creating working relationships with lcoal groups and people to enhance the wellbeing of the community.